An outdoor kitchen will add a whole new dimension to your summer entertaining. Instead of spending time inside preparing food and drinks, you can be outside enjoying the weather with your guests. These design tips will help make your Upper Arlington, OH, outdoor kitchen theperfect place for hosting great summer parties.


Choose A Good Location

If you like to entertain, your outdoor kitchen should be located close to the action. If you plan to host summer pool parties, choose a spotclose enough to the pool so the cook can still enjoy the gathering. Your outdoor dining area should also be close to the kitchen. A shorter distance between the grill and the table makes serving easier and lets the cook sit down while still keeping an eye on the food.

You also want your outdoor kitchen to have easy access to your indoor kitchen. Even if you have a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, you’ll still need to make trips inside for food and supplies.  

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Appliances for Entertaining

To make your outdoor kitchen party-friendly, consider adding some extra appliances. A bar fridge or wine cooler will ensure that you always have chilled drinks on hand. If you want to save space in your kitchen, try convenient refrigerated drawers.

If you like to host large gatherings, an extra grill or cooking surface will come in handy, and a pizza oven is a great addition to an outdoor kitchen. Authentic homemade pizza is always a big draw at summer parties.

A dishwasher will make clean-up a breeze and help keep the host out of the kitchen at the end of the meal. If you have ample storage and a set of outdoor dishes, a dishwasher will save running tableware back inside after the party’s over.

Incorporate Seating

Make your outdoor cooking area more inviting by including seating. Low walls can add structure to your landscape and help define outdoor rooms while doubling as overflow seating. Selecting a smooth, rounded coping stone will provide the most comfortable surface for sitting.

Including a bar will turn your outdoor kitchen into the entertainment hub of your backyard. Comfortable bar stools and a raised counter will allow guests to spend time with the host while enjoying their drinks.

Merging your outdoor kitchen and living room creates an intimate space for outdoor entertaining. The guests and the cook can spend the evening socializing when there’s a couch and comfortable chairs right beside the grill.


Cover it Up

A kitchen that’s protected from the elements means you won’t have to end the party if the weather turns bad. A pergola will create shade without closing off your kitchen. For full shelter from the elements, consider a covered patio or cabana.

A covered kitchen also allows you to upgrade your outdoor furniture and appliances. Consider adding a flat screen TV or surround sound for more entertainment options. Incorporating ceiling fans will circulate air and help keep guests cool on hot summer days.

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Add Ambiance

Ambiance is what transforms your kitchen from just a place to cook to a fabulous outdoor entertainment space. The right lighting not only increases safety, it can also create a lovely atmosphere for nighttime entertaining.

A fire feature is the perfect finishing touch for an inviting outdoor kitchen. Whether you opt for a gorgeous wood-burning fireplace or a sleek and modern fire table, a fire feature will elevate your outdoor kitchen and extend your summer gatherings into the night.