When designing an outdoor kitchen in Hilliard, OH, there are various factors to consider. Accessibility, for example, is important, because few homeowners enjoy spending their evening secluded in the kitchen, preparing snacks and meals for guests. Location, on the other hand, can make or break the design of an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen also needs to be well-equipped in order to minimize trips between the home and the grill. Consider the following important features for your new outdoor kitchen.



There are various ways to minimize the hazards associated with your outdoor kitchen and protect your friends and family from harm, namely by maintaining a good distance between the grill and areas where people tend to walk or children like to play. If you’re planning to construct your outdoor kitchen on an existing deck, have it inspected to ensure that it will be able to support the weight of your appliances. You should also avoid using smooth porcelain tiles and polished marble for the kitchen floor, as these materials tend to become slippery when wet. Non-slip concrete pavers, on the other hand, are excellent candidates for outdoor kitchens, and are wonderfully versatile.


A welcoming bar

Enclosing your outdoor kitchen with a narrow bar top can instantly boost how inviting guests perceive it to be. It can transform a secluded, practical corner into a hub of conversation. Having a beer tap and bar fridge installed will also make your outdoor kitchen more welcoming, but these should be placed out of the way to avoid crowding the cook.

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Essential appliances

In order to create an outdoor kitchen that is just as luxurious as its indoor counterpart, remember to include all the appliances necessary to facilitate a calm and convenient cooking experience. And you definitely don’t want to be making trips indoors to use appliances that haven’t been installed near your grill. In addition to simplifying outdoor cooking, sleek, sophisticated appliances can contribute a great deal to the kitchen’s appearance. Pairing natural stone and shiny chrome appliances, for example, can result in a wonderfully elegant design and a striking textural contrast. Ensure that your appliances are in well-ventilated areas and protected from the elements.



Outdoor lighting is an essential part of any outdoor room, as it ensures safe navigation and continued enjoyment after dark. Lighting can also have a powerful impact on the ambience of your outdoor kitchen, and will determine whether the space seems cold and functional or warm and inviting.


A great location

The placement of your outdoor kitchen should ensure both convenience and visual appeal. Consider having your outdoor kitchen positioned near the home. Your contractor will be able to determine the wind patterns of your landscape and place the outdoor kitchen accordingly. This will help you to prevent smoke from blowing into the home. It is also important, however, that the kitchen is in a central spot so that guests are encouraged to keep the cook company, watch food being prepared, and grab a drink from the bar fridge. Consider having a comfortable gathering spot, such as a fire pit, installed nearby.

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