Do you dream of spending your summer at a relaxing waterfront retreat? Turn your Sunbury, OH backyard into a private haven with a beautiful water feature. Incorporating a fountain, waterfall, or pond in your landscape will add the soothing sounds of running water and provide a tranquil escape from everyday life.


Cascading Waterfall

A waterfall is one of the most popular ways to add the relaxing ambiance of a water feature to your landscape. Moving water helps mask out neighborhood noises, creating a more serene space. From natural to modern, our outdoor living specialists can create a waterfall that matches your landscape style.

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A sleek and modern sheer descent waterfall looks striking when paired with almost any masonry structure. Consider elevating the look of a retaining wall, accent wall or even a grill island or outdoor bar. With spillway sizes ranging from a few inches to as much as three feet, a sheer descent waterfall is a beautiful addition to any size landscape.

For a natural landscape, a pondless waterfall will bring the look and feel of a babbling brook to your yard without the maintenance or space requirements of a pond. A pondless waterfall can range in size from a small waterfall with a single drop to a large stream with multiple falls.


Pond or Water Garden

A pond or water garden is an ideal way to create a calming escape right in your own backyard. A pond produces a natural ecosystem that attracts wildlife and nature lovers alike. Spend hours relaxing with the soothing sounds of moving water while watching the fish and birds. Water gardens also provide the opportunity for new varieties of plant life with aquatic plants.

A pond is an extremely versatile water feature that can be designed to accommodate any style or size of landscape. Whether you have a natural landscape, a modern yard or a formal garden, a pond will be a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

Consider a pond that incorporates natural stone to create a backyard that blends with nature. Including seating around your pond will create a space that encourages friends and family to sit and relax.



A water fountain offers the peaceful sound of flowing water in a compact package. A fountain requires very little maintenance and makes a beautiful focal point in your landscape. Consider adding a fountain to a flower or rock garden to add movement and interest. Or include a fountain right on the patio to add ambiance to an outdoor seating area.

Fountains are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Freestanding fountains offer flexibility for installation in almost any location. Wall-mounted fountains are perfect for smaller yards or as an addition to an outdoor room. Opt for a rock formation fountain to enhance a natural landscape. Select an urn or sculpture style fountain for a more formal yard.


Hot Tub

A hot tub is the ultimate water feature for creating a backyard oasis. Few things are more soothing than a soak in a luxurious hot tub. Especially when you don’t have to leave the privacy of your yard.

Add a pergola and a fire feature to ensure your spa is user-friendly in any season. A pergola will provide welcome shade on hot summer days, while a fireplace will warm up guests after a relaxing soak on a cool evening.