Pergolas can be exquisite centrepieces in any Hilliard, OH, outdoor space, whether freestanding or attached to your home. An added perk is that they can be enhanced to provide much-needed shade on hot days and, luckily, there are a range of options to choose from.


Fabric to the rescue

Canvas fabric can be used between the pergola’s joists, to upgrade your shade quality. Draped cuts of varying colors are a consideration, and if they’re spaced out just right, create a transparent, otherworldly look. What’s also great about this option is that not only is it one of the fastest ways to generate more shade, but with the right lighting, it adds to the pergola’s overall charm at night too. Using high-quality galvanized steel, or stainless steel, will keep the fabric free of rust stains, and we can show you the right materials for the job.


A nod to greenery

If you prefer the idea of plant-life keeping you in the shade, there plenty of great choices for this. The vines used should be among those that are able to withstand intense sunlight, and over time be trained to grow across the top and up the sides of your pergola. Artificial vines allow for quicker results and minimal upkeep, while natural options will need consistent care to maintain their steady growth in the right directions. Note that as plants retain moisture against the pergola’s wood, there is more chance of damage or rusting to the hardware over time. We can help you choose rust resistant pergola hardware, so this kind damage need not be a concern.

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Canopies for faster results

Fabric draping gets you the extra cover you need quickly, but canopies and coverings do it even faster. Polyester, polyethylene and other synthetic fabrics are great for this job, as they not only resist mildew, but what you’re really angling for – block UV rays. There are pergola-specific canopies and coverings like this, as considerations like resistance to severe weather and fading have to be considered. We can recommend the best designer products for this purpose, and get your pergola under shade in no time.


Go vertical with the sun

Retractable vertical blinds or curtains are another option for increased pergola shade. The sun moves throughout the day, which means that the shade will go wherever it’s called. These options allow you to simply pull blinds down or up, or close and open curtains, for full days of outdoor relaxation without any of the sunburn. Or, if you want to let sunlight in, retractable blinds make this a simple task until you’ve had enough. Whatever you decide, our skilled team can help get you the quality results you seek.

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Up the game with awning

Awnings are pergola adaptable, and can add that little extra for both shade and design purposes. Have one attached to the front of your pergola structure, and see an instant difference in shade quality. Even though they’re on the front, they shade both the roof and sides, are easily adjusted, and are a great fix if sunlight’s still coming in at a bothersome angle.
Getting the pergola and shade quality you want doesn’t have to be difficult. We provide the skills and expertise you need.