A patio is a hardworking landscaping feature that rarely gets the recognition it deserves. Elevate your Bexley, OH, landscape with a beautifully designed paver patio. Paver patios are durable and attractive and offer a wide variety of design styles to choose from. Adding edging to your paver patio will create interest and give it a finished look.

Same Stone, Different Angle

For a subtle variation, consider edging made from the same stone laid on a different angle. This technique works well with classic brick-style pavers such as Unilock’s Town Hall or Copthorne. These durable pavers won’t split or crack, and although they have the feel of cobblestone, they are precisely uniform.

Copthorne pavers are available in six classic colors to complement your home’s exterior. Laying stones in a herringbone or basket weave pattern and placing edge stones in a vertical row will create a strong border. The same look can also be achieved by pairing vertical stones in a running bond pattern with horizontal edge stones.

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Contrasting Styles

For a really unique look, try mixing different paver shapes and styles. The combination of modern and traditional styles will create a unique patio and give your hardscaping character.

Unilock’s Courtstone pavers bring an old-world feel to your paver project. Their natural shape and texture provide high contrast when paired with a modern stone like Artline pavers. You can opt for complementary colors, such as Walnut for Artline pavers and Pebble Taupe for Courtstone edging. Despite the similar colors, the contrasting styles will still make a big impact.

Contrasting Colors

A patio border of contrasting colors presents a striking image. Whether you use the same paver in different colors or bring in a new stone for the second color, a contrasting border will make a statement.

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Unilock’s Umbriano pavers have a nonslip and stain-resistant surface, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic patios. They are available in five gorgeous colors, providing an option for every design style. Use the Umbriano Summer Wheat pavers along with Town Hall street pavers in Burnt Clay for a natural, earthy toned patio. Or, for a more modern looking patio, combine lighter pavers, like Umbriano in Winter Marvel, with darker pavers, like Umbriano in Midnight Sky, for the border.

Inset Border

If you want to use the same stones for edging and your main patio surface, you can still create an impression with an inset border. Rather than finish the edges of your patio with an accent stone, try moving the accent stone inward for a clean look that still expresses your individual style.

Unilock’s Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers have a natural look and offer six different blended color choices. With so many gorgeous color combinations, Beacon Hill is an easy stone to pair with complementary accent pavers. Beacon Hill pavers in River feature a mix of gray and earth tones that pair well with Umbriano Midnight Sky accents.

Double Banding

To make a big impression with patio edging, try a dramatic double border. Whether you choose the same stone in multiple colors or a combination of different stones to create a stunning pattern, double borders will elevate the look of your patio.

For a clean, consistent look, Hollandstone pavers offer uniform sizing with four different color choices. Series pavers have a textured surface made with a combination of granite, quartz and marble that offers durability and sophistication. Their rich colors make a great choice for striking borders.