Having a fire pit in your Arlington, OH, backyard could help you make better use of your outdoor space with a designated area for entertaining that you can use practically all year round. Fire pits provide perfect gathering spots for the beauty and marvel they provide and the warmth they exude, especially when the temperature drops at nighttime. If you’ve got a small backyard, you can still enjoy the beauty and functionality of a fire pit with these incredible design options.

Inviting Fire Pit Designs for Small Backyards in Arlington, OH

Linear Fire Pit

Incorporating a fire pit into your landscape design can be a challenge if you have a small backyard. A linear fire pit can be a helpful trick for fitting in this desired hardscape feature into a tight space.

Keep in mind that round fire pits tend to take up more space, especially when you factor in the space needed around the fire and then the seating itself. With a linear fire pit, or fire table, you can tuck it along a seating wall so that you can still fit a good amount of people close to it. A linear style also helps leave you more space for a lounge set or other patio furniture. As a plus, this fire pit design is also more modern, so it leaves you with an updated look. For this option, you may want to choose Lineo Dimensional Stone by Unilock for a smooth, sleek fire pit.

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Wall-Side Fire Pit

A wall-side fire pit is one that is built off of a seating wall. This saves space as it eliminates the area between the wall and the fire feature. Because it’s attached to the wall, you have the option of setting up your furniture around the fire pit as the focal point when need be—or not!

You also have some flexibility with the shape of your fire pit. If you build it as a half-circle in the middle of a wall, you’ll be making the most of this space-saving option. You could also have it built in a square shape, to give you a more geometric style. Either shape could be built into a corner of a wall, tucking it away as much as possible and providing you with the maximum amount of space for other things like lounging or entertaining. Any route with a wall-side fire pit allows you to have this feature even in cramped or limited space. For this design, consider the Brussels Dimensional System by Unilock, which you can use to build the walls, fire pit, and even the patio itself. Brussels has the look of quarried stone for the maximum natural feel and style.

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No matter how limited you are with space in your backyard, there is always a way to use design to add in the feature you want. Fire pits are desirable because of their dramatic visual flair and practicality for cool nights. They extend the life of your outdoor living space as they can keep you and your guests warm during autumn and even winter. If you have limited space but want a fire pit for your backyard, contact us today for a consultation!