Summer is here and that means spending lots of time outdoors. Whether it’s hosting a garden party for your friends or a birthday party for your children, your backyard becomes one of the most lived in areas of your home. One of the smartest ways to set up your Powell, OH, backyard for all your different activities is by creating multiple levels. This landscape design solution elegantly solves everything from an awkward-shaped lot to a yard that feels like just one big green space. A professional landscaping company could, for example, seamlessly incorporate an area for adult entertaining and a small playground space for your children.

From Boring to a View Your Friends Will Envy

Add Interest to Your Powell, OH, Backyard with Multi-Level Landscape DesignMoving beyond the traditional backyard, a multi-level landscape design delivers visual impact by creating terraces to level out hills so that you can take advantage of defined areas or by using vertical elements like trellises and natural stone walls for privacy.

Focal points can include water features that are as simple as small pools or as dramatic as a natural-looking waterfall. And meandering through all these different spaces could be walkways and steps landscaped with plantings. The choice of plants is determined by the needs and requirements of each defined space. Smaller shrubs may be favored over large shade trees, due to the damage that the root systems of larger trees can inflict on paved walkways and other architectural features. Small plants can be tucked into stone walls to make it appear as if the walls have been there for years and have become part of the natural environment. And cascading groundcovers and flowering vines can camouflage fences and other structures to enhance the overall effect.

Now, you have a backyard that has interesting views with areas that each have a purpose or theme.

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Popular Elements of Multi-Level Landscape Designs

There are so many options to choose from when creating your backyard oasis that it’s easy to get lost in the possibilities.  A landscape designer can help you decide on the many details, including the overall plan and which materials to utilize. Some features have become increasingly sought after in recent years as they turn any backyard into a beautiful oasis:

  • Water features: It might be a modern, structured design or a free-form one that is indistinguishable from a natural waterfall, but water features are extremely coveted.
  • Grill area: Backyard entertaining is a favorite summer pastime, so outdoor eating areas with a grill, outdoor kitchen, and table and chairs is an often-requested option.
  • Private retreats: Whether it’s a meditation garden or a “she shed,” more people are asking for intimate spaces where they can relax or practice hobbies.

Multi-level landscaping can transform your backyard into several distinct areas to serve all your outdoor needs. By incorporating visual interest by way of terraces, retaining walls, water features, and seating areas, complemented with beautiful plants, your backyard will be transformed from ordinary to a magical place you’ll want to spend your summer days and nights.