Landscaping a sloping front yard in Lewis Center, OH, comes with its share of challenging questions. Is an expanse of lush grass the only solution? Would mulching the whole slope be a better, more manageable sight? Are planted shrubs and flowers even possible on such an incline? There are quite a few landscaping solutions that can make the front of a sloped house more attractive and up its curb appeal, including the following ideas:

4 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Your Sloped House in Lewis Center, OH

Make Steps the Spotlight

Newly installed steps could solve your landscaping dilemma while also providing a safe descent from your front door to your car or the street. Quality steps made of brick, flagstone, or concrete paving stones will last and bring attention to what sets your house apart from all the rest—its vertical appeal.

You might also consider staggering sections of the steps for a fresh look and a less overwhelming ascent. Done right by quality landscaping professionals, stone steps can add beautiful symmetry to your yard.

Terracing for a Leveled Look

Terracing—or forming a number of level flat areas—your front yard can also be a great landscaping option. Not only can this reduce erosion from water run-off, but it can create level areas for planting space. A new retaining wall would mean you would not have to opt for a ground cover as your only planting choice, but you could have planted trees with nicely landscaped beds surrounding them, flowers for color, and a mulch or pebble covering to complement your home’s exterior.

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A terraced landscape, large or small, can accommodate two sets of stairways accented by a water fountain or an unusual tree as a focal point. This can certainly enhance the curb appeal and bring more value to your home.

A Gorgeous Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a permanent and wise solution to a sloping yard. Constructed to divert water run-off, a retaining wall can offer a horizontal element to your mostly vertical landscape. Adding a set of steps to the wall can keep the pleasing wall element while delivering a safe path for your guests.

Retaining walls can be planted with flowering vines to spill over the edges for softness, or you could opt for decorative trees or shade trees and annual flowers for seasonal color. While it is a practical sloping yard solution, a retaining wall that incorporates a contrasting stone border or design becomes an eye-catching landscape element itself.

Introduce Native Plants to Your Front Slope

Choosing plants that are native to your climate will ensure that you’ll have foliage and flowers to admire throughout the seasons. Pretty perennials and some ground covers spread and provide greenery and color for most seasons, while native tall grasses and large stones and boulders bring balance and height.

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A sloped house is a unique asset that requires some creative landscaping ideas. Consider a careful arrangement of new steps or thoughtfully placed plantings that you will enjoy every time you walk into your home. ARJ Landscape can work with you to come up with the perfect solution for your sloped home and up its curb appeal.