4 Flower Bed Edging Ideas to Enhance Your Westerville, OH, Landscape Design

Flower beds are traditional features of landscapes, but the way they’re design doesn’t have to be! If you’re searching for a new look for your flower beds, you can mix them up with fresh edging. The edging has a huge impact on the way the bed looks and the way your overall home appears. Here are four ideas to make your landscape design in Westerville, OH, more beautiful:

Single Pavers

Using single pavers as the edges of your flower beds can be a simple, classic way to add beauty to your beds. First, choose the style of paver you want for your landscape. This could depend on the style of your home, the size of the paver, or the size of the bed. Smaller pavers will add more detail, while larger pavers will be simpler for the eye.

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You should also keep in mind what color your mulch will be, as you will want a paver with enough contrast. For example, if you’ve got red mulch, choose a light gray paver rather than a reddish one. Single paver edging will add just enough to your bed to bring in more definition, while maximizing the naturalization effect.

Small Walls

If you want more height to your edging, consider adding small walls to the perimeter of your beds. This means the paver you choose will be stacked, to create what’s effectively a small wall that will hold your beds in place. Make sure you keep it under a foot tall, or it will look more like a retaining wall than flower bed edging. For a more modern look, choose a smooth paver with a consistent appearance between units. This will be a good choice for people with more modern homes who want edging that matches the overall look of their design. A material that has the look of stacked stone is a good choice for a more naturalized look.

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Masonry Planters

If you want the maximum amount of height for your beds and a different, modern look, consider adding masonry planters. These are created using decorative landscaping walls that have space for plantings. The significant height brings the plantings much closer to the eye—and to the nose! Masonry planters filled with fragrant flowers like lavender can add a whole new dimension to your landscape experience. They can also add a new visual element to the design as the masonry itself becomes a feature rather than just an accent. There are tons of options for materials, so you can match any style home with a masonry wall.

Varied Shapes

The last option for mixing up your flower beds is to play with shapes. Beds don’t just have to be the typical rounded, elongated shape. Add 90-degree angles to your flower bed corners for a modern look. For something softer, make your edging curved with wavy lines. You could even do large scallop-shaped edging for something really different. The possibilities are endless, and you can choose any shape you want to match your home’s (and your) personality!

We hope these ideas gave you some great inspiration for making your flower bed reflect the beauty of your home. Edging should enhance the look of your flower arrangement while keeping your bed neat and organized.

Image courtesy of Unilock.