4 Cozy Landscaping Tips for Fall in Westerville, OHThe seasonal cooldown in Westerville, OH, naturally draws everyone’s attention to their landscapes and the need to spruce them up before winter comes. From a general cleanup to adding some features that you have been mulling over, this is the time of year to take a critical look at your yard for any improvements. Here are four cozy landscaping tips for fall in Westerville, OH:

The Big Cleanup

As leaves make their descent from up above and the wind moves anything loose around your yard, an overall cleanup is in order. When everything is bare, you’ll be glad you took the step to get the trees cleared of any broken branches and perhaps even a trim. Do your trees need to be shaped? Smaller trees can benefit from fall pruning in particular so that when spring and summer return, they will fill out evenly. Fall is also the season to have dead shrubbery dug up.  

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Raked up dead leaves and twigs can reveal the bare spots in the lawn and the potential need for more seed and fertilizer. Clearing out the old mulch or pine needles can reveal any weeds or roots that should be removed.  

A New Look at Your Hardscape Elements

While maintenance is top of mind, you may want to consider ways you can spruce up the look of your landscape beyond the softscape features. Does your walkway have cracks that need to be repaired? This can be a hazard to your guests. Repairing any neglected cracks and perhaps adding a layer of paving stones in an attractive pattern can improve the curb appeal of your yard. The driveway may deserve a close look for cracks as well. Tying the driveway and walkway together with coordinating stone pavers can really dress up the appearance of your home.

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The Addition of Fall Accents

Nurseries and garden centers often have great prices on their remaining stock this time of year. Fall is an excellent time to plant a special tree such as a focal point tree, since the roots will have some time to grow. The rain and cool ground temperatures can encourage shrubs to establish well before winter, giving you a spectacular softscape feature to enjoy in the spring.   

Fall flowers, such as mums and pansies, in orange and yellow, and pumpkins of various hues can add color and interest to an otherwise dormant yard. Choose colorful pots for your annual flowers and place them strategically at your entry door along with a fun scarecrow. Adding fall colored annuals to your landscape beds is an inexpensive way to liven up a fall landscape.  

A Lit Landscape

Fall’s shortened days puts the attention on the need for better lighting. Additional outside lighting could extend the activities you can do out of doors this season, and it offers aesthetic appeal as well. Walkway lighting makes the path to your door safer—and also more enjoyable. Consider replacing your outdoor lights with decorative fixtures in a current style. A spotlight on a special tree creates an evening glow that draws your eye to a well-designed yard.