Your side yard acts as a pass-through, a thoroughfare, a way to get from the front of the yard to the back, but you know this one piece of land could be so much more. If you’ve put the effort into making your Sunbury, OH, front yard eye-catching and turned your backyard into a designated spot for outdoor activities, it’s time to pay some attenti3 Landscape Design Ideas for Upgrading Your Sunbury, OH, Side Yardon to your side yard. This neglected space needs some TLC. These three landscape design ideas will get you going on this new project:

A Courtyard

A courtyard conjures up images of vintage charm and cobblestone designs. You can still pass through, but you might want to stay awhile. A gate at the front ensures the privacy you love but also lets your guests know that something special waits on the other side. A wide walkway with contrasting edges of a different stone can provide visual interest. Native shrubs and flowers can add color and vibrant green to your side yard, while a trickling water feature beckons you to stop and relax for a moment.  

A Modern Enclosure

You love clean lines and minimal landscaping, and modern suits you perfectly. If this describes you, then a mix of large concrete walking squares with stones interspersed can give you the ultimate contemporary look for your side yard. Accented by low voltage lighting and tall, decorative grasses, this type of pass-through feature could provide a stylish path from the front to the back yard.

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If you’d prefer a geometric look with a clean edge to the walkway, you could look into containing perfectly square beds planted with a tree or large shrub at regular intervals. Have spotlights added to the trees, and this becomes your modern sanctuary.

A Side Yard Bar

Another option is to turn your side yard into a spot you use only on special occasions. A fun bar area could become a focal point during entertaining hours and go dark during quieter evening times. With a pergola and an elevated seating platform, your side yard becomes transformed.

It could become a central spot with a few other additions. Illuminated with string lights and comfortable seating, your side yard bar can provide hours of watching your favorite sport on a large-screen, mounted TV that’s fully protected from the weather.  

If your side yard area is not large enough for any of these concepts, there are still improvements you could make to add beauty and function. Even if there is not enough room for furniture or a true path, consider adding a water feature to a privacy wall so that you can enjoy the relaxing sounds of water from your front or back yard.

It can be difficult to decide how to proceed when you have so many options. ARJ Landscape can go over ideas with you and share pictures of previous projects. And with a signed contract, you can reference our 3-D design services so that you can actually see what you will get before we start work on your side yard.